Terrorgranny plans to kidnap Lauterbach

The Terrorgranny was sufficiently illuminated by Walulis and his team.
Gonzo said the other day that Alexa was really bad in bed. What’s that all about anyway? Good? Bad? Such a flat categorization only comes from the over-sexualization of the media landscape. As creative as Gonzo is in terms of business, he seems to me to be jaded by his massive media consumption. He watches too much television. Gonzo could calmly take Pippi by the hand and make a little excursion into the countryside. How did Gerhard Polt put it? Fresh Air Snapping. That would certainly do them both some good. Not always binge-watching. The only thing I ‚binge‘-watch was Space-Night and Phase 3, which is currently coming back (?) on BR and ARD alpha. But it’s something else like before.
Sometimes when I want to capture a thought, I make a voice memo. Today something funny happened. I was listening to a radio feature where the phrase came up, „I don’t want to pretend I’m not me!“ I wanted to remember that, so I recorded a voice memo. Listening to the voice memos afterwards, I realized that I had already recorded this exact phrase when I first listened to the feature. Currently, I am wondering why I apparently wanted to remember this statement so badly. It doesn’t appear that significant to me currently. It’s okay, but nothing exceptionally smart. Oh well ?.
After my career as an author (~25 copies sold, The Raschel Moon Effect), as a late-calling Instagram influencer has been rather medium (~130 followers), I tried my hand at blogging: https://raschelmond.de/Blog2/.
Views are in the low double digits. As of October 2022, there were about 40 different blog readers. Apple’s spelling aid hits me with ‚Bologneser‘ instead of blog reader. Isn’t that a torture-bred breed of dog? The Bolognese originated in ancient Greece. Here Aristotle described the ‚canes melitenses‘, a small breed of dog. I digress. Perhaps I should focus more on small dogs?.

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